Maximilian Marquardt

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter Redaktionspraxis (Prof. Preisinger)


Before I studied journalism, I attended the institute for foreign language correspondence in Munich (FIM), studying correspondence in English and Spanish. After graduating and working for several years as a correspondent for the university in Munich (TUM), I started studying journalism in Berlin, Karlsruhe and Munich at the FJS.

I finally graduated (BA), with a final score of 1.3 for my coverage about the war in Ex-Jugoslavia. Title: "Sarajevos stille Erben".

After freelancing as a conflict reporter for six years, mainly in Ex-Jugoslavia, the Far-East but also in Europe, I started working for several editorial offices (Huffpost Germany, Refinery29, Vice Magazine, Münchner Merkur, Focus Online, FreeMensWorld, Siemens Magazine etc.) as a online-journalist. After my obligatory newsdesk-duty for "Huffpost" I started working for „Playboy Germany“ as the Head of Online-Content, being responsible for the digital media appearance of the brand as well as content-creation and digital strategies. Also I am still working  as a freelance journalist, photographer and texter for several magazines and agencies. (Check

From time to time I am hosted as a speaker on international congresses and media-events such as the "Fifteen Second Festival" in Graz, talking about the future of digital media and media-ethics for conflict-journalism.

In December 2019 I had the great honor to start working at Bundeswehr University as a lecturer in journalism.

I am looking forward to giving you some exciting insights of nowadays workflow in journalism and the daily routine in editorial offices. Journalism thrieves on pure Idealism. Wether it´s taking photos of a free-solo climber in the mountains, interviewing protesters in the midst of turmoil and riot, packing your gear for a coverage in the Balkans, or working night-shifts with your beloved colleagues. Journalism means dedication to the fullest, pure and simple. 

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